zenlet 禅来特

Zen’s little thing

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地点,在清华大学东门旁的清华紫光UNIS 大楼一层茶馆。


 [Activity] - Chatting, Tai-Chi Pushing Hands, Tea, and more

A place where you can chitchat around, push hands with people, and have some tea is available on every Wednesday evening, 19:00-21:00. You can bring along a topic of Tai-Chi, about which we will talk. We share our views but there will be no right or wrong, you will just get answers from different perspectives. Tai-Chi Pushing Hands can give you more experience than a rich round of talk. All the questions will be exposed in front of yourself, but there will be no high or low. What you bring here and...

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crazy translation(疯狂翻译)

 what is crazy translation?

crazy translation 即”疯狂翻译“






 let’s go!

 what is crazy translation?

It means when you translate Chinese to English.
You should be fast, 顺畅,go long alone.
never stop for a second.
If you can’t find the correct English word,you can use Chinese word.
But, don’t stop to check it from dictionary.
Other person will think you ‘re a hacker, because you can type keyboard all the time and fast. You looks very Cool!!

So, let’s be a crazy translator!

speed is the only thing !!!

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What is Zenlet?(什么是禅来特)

 Zen’s little thing(禅的小事情)









 What is zenlet?

Zenlet is the minimal zen.

It’s the very essence of zen, the inexpressible wisdom of the universe.

It’s a feeling, a power, a vivacious spirit.

It’s the simplest concepts in zen that can evolve into immensity.

It’s small, delicate, yet full of energy; it’s cunning, radical, while abounding in wit.

So what the heck is zenlet?

We don’t know. We are searching, exploring. Zenlet is growing. What will become of it? We’ll see…

 联系方式(contact information):

 邮箱(email): zenlet@163.com

 李相(Xiang Lee): 13811804844



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