zenlet 禅来特

Zen’s little thing

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聊点文化,体验太极拳推手,有茶 #


地点,在清华大学东门旁的清华紫光UNIS 大楼一层茶馆。


[Activity] - Chatting, Tai-Chi Pushing Hands, Tea, and more #

A place where you can chitchat around, push hands with people, and have some tea is available on every Wednesday evening, 19:00-21:00. You can bring along a topic of Tai-Chi, about which we will talk. We share our views but there will be no right or wrong, you will just get answers from different perspectives. Tai-Chi Pushing Hands can give you more experience than a rich round of talk. All the questions will be exposed in front of yourself, but there will be no high or low. What you bring here...

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crazy translation(疯狂翻译)

what is crazy translation? #

crazy translation 即”疯狂翻译“






let’s go! #

what is crazy translation? #

It means when you translate Chinese to English.
You should be fast, 顺畅,go long alone.
never stop for a second.
If you can’t find the correct English word,you can use Chinese word.
But, don’t stop to check it from dictionary.
Other person will think you ‘re a hacker, because you can type keyboard all the time and fast. You looks very Cool!!

So, let’s be a crazy translator!

speed is the only thing !!!

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What is Zenlet?(什么是禅来特)

Zen’s little thing(禅的小事情) #

Zenlet中文叫做“禅来特” #

禅来特是什么? #







What is zenlet? #

Zenlet is the minimal zen.

It’s the very essence of zen, the inexpressible wisdom of the universe.

It’s a feeling, a power, a vivacious spirit.

It’s the simplest concepts in zen that can evolve into immensity.

It’s small, delicate, yet full of energy; it’s cunning, radical, while abounding in wit.

So what the heck is zenlet?

We don’t know. We are searching, exploring. Zenlet is growing. What will become of it? We’ll see…

联系方式(contact information): #

邮箱(email): zenlet@163.com #

李相(Xiang Lee): 13811804844 #

微信公众号: #

zenlet #

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